About Us

About Us
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WE ARE OWNERS OF A star project in the area THAT is dedicated to redefining the online travel market through blockchain technology

*Hey ,we are a Tron based zero carbon footprint company acting as a bridge connecting
SOLEX Is The Key Towards
Nobody can deny that technology and travel are a winning mix nowadays. This united force is also important in the way we travel: from the vacation place we choose to the kind of transportation we use but all this done with a zero carbon footprint and in eco-friendly manner. It is a blockchain revolution in a unique way where logistics meets zero carbon footprint possibilities. In this unfortunate hear of global warming and pandemic, there is a dire need to make earth carbon free. Let’s take a step ahead with solex to make industry more secure with traceable payment. The estimate stability of past 12,000 years has come to end and around the world we are suffering from impact. We not only plan to provide the solid, transparent and encrypted ledger system which is impossible to decipher but we also come with full proof plan to combat the ongoing problems.


SOLEX aim to create a universe for all the creators through the Revolution in Blockchain Era, in a decentralized way. In the coming year, our team will develop a marketplace that will open doors for collaborations, exclusivity, and profits towards the community. Buy, sell, dream, discover, and explore the world of blockchain like never before with us The platform in the future will add more advanced features to suit the advancements and growth.

The use of nonfungible tokens by individuals and businesses all over the world is increasing at a rapid and exciting rate. Even as we live in a blockchain-enabled world, developing Tron has arguably been complicated due to cost barriers, dysfunctional ecosystems, poor user experience, and resource constraints. SOLEX's vision is to create a scalable token system that will make creating, using, and trading tokens far more accessible, cost-effective, and faster, thereby significantly increasing business and adoption. This would allow virtually any industry to use tokens , effectively accessing trillions of dollars in currently highly leveraged and unique real-world and digital assets.


SOLEX will be based on tron token. It includes Wallet interfaces, decentralized applications using tokens to provide the support. This token is used for Smart Contracts on TronTechnology for its implementation on blockchain.


Tokens can usually be bought with cryptocurrencies, like Tron Tokens can be stored in crypto-wallets with cryptocurrencies until they are needed. The same underlying blockchain technology guarantees that tokens cannot be used fraudulently or duplicated and minimizes transaction costs.


Real time payment on blockchain is the future. SOLEX enables multiplayer finance in a structured manner. Token Market works on a larger scale with any blockchain-based enterprise or entity that wants to collect funds for projects through a token.


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